Cooperation Agreement was Signed Between USY and ILO to Jointly Develop Training and Research on Social Protection

2018/6/8 10:28:32

On March 28, the delegation of International Labor Organization (ILO) visited USY. The two sides held talks and signed a cooperation agreement on in-depth collaboration in project training, curriculum development and scientific research, etc. Ms. Schmidt, Deputy Director of Social Protection Department; Ms. Aidi HU, Sr. Social Protection Specialist of Social Protection Department; Mr. Ernst, Unit Chef of Research Department; Ms. Qingyi LI, National Programme Officer of ILO Beijing office; Prof. Lu Dan, President of USY; Prof. Nie Peiyao, Vice President of USY; Prof. Zhu Qinfu, Assistant to the President attended the signing ceremony.


Signing ceremony

Prof. Lu Dan, President of USY, delivered a welcoming speech and extended a warm welcome to the visiting guests. He said that with the successful opening of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), China's modernization process has been continuously strengthened; the degree of modern civilization is being increasingly deepened; and international cooperation and exchanges are being intensified. The enterprises’globalization requires competitiveness and shoulders social responsibilities. As a university founded by Geely Holding Group, it provides university wisdom to the improvement of the social protection for employees of Chinese enterprises, but also better shape students’ awareness of labor rights during the process of talent training, thus paving a solid way for their future development in the society. On the basis of the cooperation, USY will also launch a special research center for localization research.


Welcoming speech by President Lu Dan

Ms. Schmidt, Deputy Director of Social Protection Department in ILO, extended her gratitude to USY for the warm reception. She said the ILO, as a specialized agency of the United Nations, is primarily focusing on promoting social justice and labor rights that recognized internationally. USY is the first Chinese private university to cooperate with ILO and the two sides will work together to improve the social protection level of Chinese enterprises and employees.


Speech by Ms. Schmidt, Deputy Director of Social Protection Department in ILO

At the scene, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement, by which they will together carry out curriculum development, form a teacher team, and design social security training courses and modules that meet the needs of Chinese enterprises. In addition, research on the relationship between social security and enterprise performance in tourism industry is to be carried out, and a project research team will be established to investigate the tourism market in Sanya.


The two sides signed the cooperation agreement

President Lu said in an interview with the media, at present, Sanya is creating world-class coastal tourist city, and every aspect is to be internationalized, from products to management, from service to internal operation. Internationalization Should not only be in line with National policies and laws of China, but also requires the organization to be normative, including the standardization of human resource protection and the standardization of labor rights and interests. A university, like a well-known enterprise, should serve the society, optimize the allocation of human resources, and set up a platform to guarantee labor rights. USY has always been committed to the education internationalization, and has set up cooperation with many international famous universities; we hope to attract more enterprises to participate in such cooperation, and make contribution to world-class coastal tourist city development.


President Lu spoke to the media

ILO, a specialized agency in United Nations that dealing with labor issues with International Labor Standards, has been in cooperated with Chinese government and state-owned enterprises. It is the first time that ILO cooperated with private university in China.


Group photo

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